Back Injuries: The Nation’s #1 Workplace Safety Problem

In industries where manual lifting is an everyday practice, preventing workplace-related injury is a fundamental concern. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, more than one million workers suffer back injuries each year. Furthermore, one-fourth of all compensation indemnity claims involve back injuries, costing industries billions of dollars on top of the pain and suffering endured by employees. With that said, occupational safety must be a top priority for employers.

Luckily, a considerable portion of these injuries can be prevented by employers proactively implementing effective control programs and ergonomic design of work tasks. This is where Physio F(x)® excels. By training employees with the device, the employee can quickly learn quality movement patterns which will carry over to their work-related tasks. This not only has the potential to substantially reduce costs and improve productivity, but more importantly, preserve the well-being of your employees.