Changing The Way Movement Is Taught

Physio F(x)® is an innovative, double-patented device that enables clinicians to effectively and efficiently address abhorrent movement patterns which are the root cause of many back problems. The device utilizes passive external stability and cuing to improve active postural stability after use resulting in improved patient outcomes.

Clinical Applications of Physio F(x)®

In the realm of conservative treatment of back pain, treatment should consist of both passive and active modalities. Passive treatment (e.g. manual therapy, spinal manipulative therapy, ultrasound, etc.) is very effective at managing the symptoms of back pain, but rarely addresses the cause. This is why active treatment (e.g. therapeutic exercise, neuromuscular re-education, biofeedback training, etc.) should always be included in a treatment plan for back pain. With Physio F(x)®, the clinician has the ability to effectively and efficiently teach the components of proper movement (e.g. neutral spinal positioning and rigidity, hip-hinging, core bracing, diaphragmatic respiration, etc.) whether the patient is a performance-driven collegiate athlete or a grandparent learning how to pick up their grandchild.