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How It Works

Physio F(x)® is an innovative, movement-based training tool that promotes movement optimization and improved performance.


Learn How to use Physio F(x)® to rehabilitate back injuries by providing neuromuscular re-education, therapeutic exercise, and much more.


Whether you’re training an elite athlete or a beginner, Physio F(x)® ensures proper spinal positioning which will optimize movement and improve client performance.

Occupational Safety

Address work-related injuries, decrease worker’s compensation costs, and increase productivity of your employees.


We have arrived. Almost four years of research and development went into creating the product you see today.

Physio F(x)® is for professionals who prioritize quality movement. This product is a patented device that teaches optimal movement strategies in a simple yet sophisticated fashion. Unlike anything seen before, Physio F(x)® bridges the gap between how we know we should move and how we actually move.

Optimized Spinal Positioning For